Commercial Safes - Deposit

Anti-Hold Up

  • Full 6mm steel construction
  • Deposit slot 20mm high x 105mm wide 
  • 2x 6mm bolt holes in base 

Cashguard Anti Hold-Up Clearance safes

  • Ideal for cash deposit & security company cash collections
  • Bottom drawer with time delay for cash float

Cash Management

  • Ideal for managing up to $5000 overnight (stand alone) or more if secured inside suitable safe E.g Commerce or Premier models
  • Provision to bolt to floor or inside Suitable safe

Deposit Safe PRB-DDS

  • Deposit chute size 30mm high x 200mm wide x 160mm deep
  • 1x adjustable shelf 
  • Nil fire resistance 

Deposit SLSA-D

  • Deposit slot 25mm x 150mm 
  • 1x removeable shelf 
  • Nil fire resistance 


Drawer Deposit Chute

  • The drawer deposit chute safes offer a large clear drawer oepning for medium to large cash deposits. 
  • Drawer deposit chutes are available for all CMI Commerce, Premier & Commander models. 
  • Drawer deposit chute will add 230mm to the height of the required safe.

Interim Cash Management

  • Ideal for interim holding for small amounts of cash
  • 2x 12mm bolt holes in base & 4x 12mm bolt holes in back
  • Both compartments secured by Ross 102 6 lever keylock

Mini Deposit

  • Ideal for moderate security where multiple staff need to depsosit money into the safe 
  • Door - 12mm steel 
  • Body - 6mm steel

Mini Deposit - DEP MINI

  • Ideal for moderate security where multiple staff need to deposit money into the safe
  • Door - 12mm 
  • Body - 6mm
  • Secured by Ross 700 key lock


  • Ideal for a business requiring a depsoit secition and a float section in 1 safe
  • Dual key locking on bottom cupboard 
  • Optional digital locking in place of key locking for the SUB2 & SUB3 models 

Rotary Deposit

  • Ideal for large deposits 
  • Body - 6mm construction
  • Door - 12mm construction
  • Standard with digital locking
  • Also available in dial combination or key locking

Truck Strongbox

  • Designed to be bolted into vehicle for mobile security
  • 6mm steel construction
  • 6 lever pick resistant key lock 
  • Removeable door
  • 10mm high x 100mm wide posting slot

Under Counter Drop Box

  • 6 lever pick resistant key lock mounted on 6mm hard plate 
  • All 6mm construction
  • Posting slot 20mm high x 90mm wide
  • 2x 16mm in back & 2x 16mm holes in base